Performance Implications of Whole Disk Encryption

Recently, the InfoWarrior list sent me a notice of Seagate announcing a hard disk that offers full-time, whole disk encryption.  For the right need, this seems a solid product that will perform better than software encryption. Here (2nd URL) is another article on that device.

I've always been concerned with rapid response time, so the current rush to encryption may cause it to be overused, with negative performance implications for most users.

This (3rd URL) article is solid in covering encryption and notes well the performance hit.
So much personal information has been carelessly lost and stored on laptops against company or government policy that it is beyond my comprehension that managements, regulators, and lawmakers have not taken effective action.

Then I find an article entitled "Laptop Encryption: Compliance without sacrificing performance, now that’s magic!" that is without merit.

This wasn't supposed to be about breaches of personal privacy and information loss, but here is the one that should scare anyone, Attrition.org Data Loss Archive and Database (DLDOS) at http://attrition.org/dataloss/
URL: http://news.com.com/Seagate+ships+hard+drives+with+encryption/2100-1029_3-61 66180.html
URL: http://www.crn.com/it-channel/196513300
URL: http://searchstorage.techtarget.com/originalContent/0,289142,sid5_gci1173496,00.html
URL: http://attrition.org/dataloss/


 Favorite infosec maillists

Okay, since I blogged the top software, I need to mention my favorite 2 mail lists: Infowarrior mailing list https://attrition.org/mailman/listinfo/infowarrior via http://www.infowarrior.org/ and ISN: InfoSec News http://attrition.org/security/lists.html Many thanks to the organizers – and many contributors.





 Decline in personal morality

BODY: On Line56.com, by Demir Barlas writes an article entitled "Hackers and Employment, What the heck's wrong with us?"  His take on the decline in "personal morality" in the United States continues to trouble me because of the truth within his observation. He writes, "All too many Americans stand ready to pimp themselves, and the system is now designed to reward rather than discourage them. This is an arrangement that the rest of the world rightly considers hypocritical and, despite all talk of globalism, will never emulate."



 Personal Data Thefts Top 50 Million in 6 Months

Theft of data is a real and growing issue for individuals in the United States and around the world. This link lists the compromised data sources and the cause, just since the ChoicePoint breach of 15 February 2005. http://www.privacyrights.org/ar/ChronDataBreaches.htm This listing, compiled by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, shows that more that the personal privacy data of more than 50 million US citizens has been compromised in this period of barely more than 6 months.